Who are Couchy?

Meet David! Founder + Owner of Couchy.

How did some British guy end up in Boise, Idaho selling used couches?! I get this question a lot from customers!

Hi, I’m David Bauer and I moved to California in 2011 to pursue my dream of being an actor. I attended the Young Americans College of Performing Arts and completed two international tours with them, performing and teaching kids performing arts around the globe. I met my wife, Morgan there and we moved to Los Angeles to continue our careers there in 2013.

I enjoyed a successful career as an actor, working in television, film and theater for 7 years. Morgan worked at Disney as a performer in the park. For my day job, I worked in sales at the prestigious Hollywood Pantages Theatre.

As with so many people, 2020 was a year of big change. I lost my job as theaters closed across the country and film sets shuttered and I was forced to find new work. I started a remote job working in sales for an alcohol delivery app. That same year, Morgan and I had our daughter Maxine, we left our home of nearly 10 years, moving 4 times in under a year. We ended up in Kentucky with 5 acres and a fixer-upper. We decided to flip this house and move to Idaho. While watching YouTube videos on house flipping, I came across a video on couch flipping…

All of this moving shined a light on an issue that everybody faces when they move… affordable couches! I used my new experience in the delivery sector to come up with the idea of providing couches, on demand, at an affordable price. In July of 2022 we landed in Idaho, I kept the Uhaul for a few extra days and bought some couches, cleaned them and offered same day, free delivery. I continued to run the business out of our garage and after 6 months, I quit my job and moved the business into storage units.

1 year later we moved into our Warehouse in Caldwell. We are now four people strong with Amanda joining us early on and James in June of 2024. We have huge dreams to make it the one stop shop for anybody buying or selling their couch, hassle free.

I’ve learned the hard way how to source high quality furniture for our customers. But we are getting down to a fine art, and have established our reputation here in the Treasure Valley as the most trustworthy source for buying and selling your couch. This means we have access to hundreds of couches a month from which to choose the best of the bunch and get them ready for their new homes.

Thank you for giving us a chance to serve you, and now prepare for the best couch buying experience you have ever had!